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Katalina Engel
Scientific Support
for Conservation and Sustainability Projects
Conceptualization - Research - Writing - Evaluation

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Sustainability Management, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg


Magister rerum naturalium in Biology, Specialization: Ecology and Botany, University of Vienna  

Coming from a background in biology and sustainability management, I provide conceptual, research, writing and evaluation services for any project that benefits from a thorough and structured scientific approach. This includes reports, studies, project planning, evaluation, assessment or process planning. I have worked on a variety of subjects in the realm of nature conservation or development cooperation with conservation or sustainability aspects.

I have authored studies on climate change, illegal wildlife trade, water stewardship or industrial ecological footprints. More hands-on facets of my work have included proposals and evaluations for conservation and development projects in central and western Africa, setting up a monitoring and evaluation system for a protected area in Cape Verde, or helping businesses become more ecologically and/or socially sustainable in their operations. My methods include extensive literature research, data compilation and analysis or stakeholder interviews. I am a critical thinker, analytical and articulate, and am capable of working independently or within a multi-disciplinary team. 

Personally and professionally, I am driven by a commitment to ecology and an interest in science. I am fascinated by all aspects of nature, from microbiology and chemical-physical processes to evolutionary biology. Trained as an ecologist, I perceive how the functioning of the natural world is interlinked with human social, political and economic activities. With my work, I seek to analyze and comprehensively present these interlinkages without oversimplifying.

My work


Editorial work

Scientific studies

Sector analyses

Project proposals, 

evaluations and reports Feasibility studies


Nature Conservation

Integrated protected area management

Conservation policy

Species conservation Biodiversity


Illegal wildlife trade

Water risk


Sustainable supply chains 

Circular economy

Corporate sustainability


English, German,

Portuguese, Hungarian,

Spanish, French

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